george bush

Whenever American people say “OMG British people are so attractive” I can’t help but think of the Jeremy Kyle Show and think “you have awful taste”


dear telltale games,

give him back or give me death.

a depressed fan

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Right, who nominated Luke for the ice bucket challenge?

Too soon.

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He deserves flowers and kittens (。´ヮ`。)つ

I honestly don’t understand how someone could hold that much anger and hate towards someone that they don’t even fucking know. How could they have possibly upset you enough for you to go to those lengths in order to hurt them? You are seriously ill.


spencer has informed me that most of the addresses are incorrect! he did not tell me which ones and i won’t be prying him for that info, but if any of you need any kind of reassurance, please take that small thing!

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